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    Hello everyone, There have been several Minecraft updates and we have always decided to keep the servers on 1.12.2 due to issues with outdated plugins, but to compromise, we have allowed players to log in to the network regardless of what client version they might be using. However, a few of our essential plugins have been causing major lag issues lately and flagging these issues to the developers has made us realise that some plugins developers do not provide actual support for 1.12.2 but simply allow for the plugin to work on older versions, meaning that these plugins will not receive new, compatible content. This in combination with the fact that the majority of our player base uses 1.15.2 to join the network, has resulted in the decision to finally update the servers to 1.15.2!

    We have started development on Dungeons & Survival and will be starting development on Skyblock later this week. There will be a full reset on Skyblock & Survival, and a partial reset on Dungeons. (Dungeons will become a full release rather than a beta - we will be selecting a handful of players to help test the new version.) The Minigames and Event server will be merging, and we are unsure whether we will be removing the Creative server, or updating it to 1.15.2. Please note that the 1.12.2 servers will still be running in the meantime, but there won't be any content updates added to them. All suggestions will be added to the 1.15.2 servers and we will be taking care of any bug fixes as usual. Keep in mind that our current idea for the network is not fixed, and is subject to change at any time.

    There is no release date as of yet for when the updated servers will release. If you have a suggestion for anything we could implement to the servers, please do let us know!

    Thank you, and Stay Safe!
    - The AAMC Staff Team

    TLDR: We will be updating our servers to 1.15.2, this means new content, but will require a lot of management to get everything working again. The 1.12.2 servers will no longer receive content updates. All servers will receive a full reset except for Dungeons and we will be rewarding top players on both Skyblock and Survival.