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Survival NenkoDK's Suggestion


-= Details =-
IGN: NenkoDK

-= Suggestion =-
Suggestion: Make the AFK-Kick timer to 1 hour instead of 20 minutes


Staff member
Thank you for your suggestion, we appreciate your feedback, but the AFK-Kicker is there for a reason. I understand that it can be frustrating not being to able to afk for a long period of time but we want players to actually play the game rather than getting goods from AFKing and not really doing anything. Currently the AFK-Kicker allows you to afk for 20 minutes before sending you to the Hub, however, depending on what others think, maybe we can adjust it to 30 minutes.

Also keep in mind that bypassing the AFK-Kicker in any way will result in a punishment.


I think 1 hour will destroy the fun of playing the game but even u can afk for that long it will not be fun for players there work to get items on survival. So i will give Bad right to set it to 25 or 30 min