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    AutoAuxilium is a Gaming Community, opening up to the world. We have a community discord with approximately 200 members from all nations. We hope to recruit you to our community too.
    You can join our server using or

    We currently offer the following gamemodes:
    RPG Survival
    Vanilla Survival
    Event Servers

    The AutoAuxilium Network has rules for everyone to follow to ensure there is a safe environment for all ages. Please note that just because something which is wrong to do is not on the following list does not mean you are allowed to do it. Our rules page can be viewed on

    By donating to our server you help us maintain and upgrade our server, while getting rewarded with awesome in-game things. We appreciate that you consider to donate to our server. But please, do think it over twice! ((Charging back any payment will result in a permanent ban.)) We are not offering any Pay2Win items. Ever. Our store page can be viewed on

    Feel free to join our discord server to chat and play with other members! The change-log and such can be viewed on our discord so you can keep up with our progress on the Network. You can also create tickets on our discord if you need support, help or just want to ask a question to a staff member. You can join our discord on

    We have added a Dynamic Map for our two survival servers, RPG and Vanilla. However due to a popular demand of players not wanting their location exposed on the dynmap, We have implemented a Login feature so you can only see yourself on the dynmap. Our Dynamic Maps can be viewed on &
    Our Dynamic Maps are currently under development

    All of our Network Punishments such as bans, kicks and mutes can be viewed on our bans page. Our bans page can be viewed on

    Voting helps our server to get more attention. Remember, helping us by voting, will gain more players. That will be a reward in itself. We also reward your votes with vote points which can be used to buy crate keys! Thank you in advance for voting for AutoAuxilium! Our votes page can be viewed on

    This is the end of our information post for the AutoAuxilium Network. If you have any questions in relation to anything above, please create a ticket in our discord! Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you soon. c:
    Please note we have not officially released yet however the server is opened for beta testing! or

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