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    Hey everyone, I apologise for the long maintenance we had to hold due to a few issues we had whilst transferring data to the new host.

    Talking about a new host, I am happy to announce that AutoAuxilium is now running on a dedicated hosting which will provide optimum stability and performance for both development and playtime on the network. All of our gamemode servers (Dungeons, Survival, Creative, Skyblock & Minigames) are now equipped with 8 gigabytes of RAM giving us no lag at all on the servers. Since the data was transferred from our old host to the new host manually, we are unsure of anything that may have gone wrong in the process. We have done a quick inspection of the servers and did not encounter any major bugs or issues. If you encounter any issues please contact a staff member immediately.

    The network is no longer under maintenance and you can join the network using the same IPs as before; &
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