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    AAMC dungeons intro picture.png AAMC Dungeons

    For the last couple of months, the staffteam has been working on a new minigame: Dungeons
    This gamemode will replace the RPG survival. But don't worry! Most of the aspects of the RPG smp server will return in Dungeons, such as the leveling system, special items and the enhanced Player vs. Enemy aspects.

    (if you wish to not read all of this, please skip to the bottom of the page to get started!)


    Dungeons is a mix of the game "Runescape" and an AAMC minigame called "MobArena". Players will be able to select different classes, each with their own items. as example, you can choose the archer kit which will give you 32 arrows, a wooden sword and a bow, or you can choose for the tanker kit which will give you a wooden axe, an iron chestplate and iron boots. Every kit has its own functionality and some kits might be better than the other. More kits will be added in the future.

    This gamemode is currently in beta and is open for all kinds of suggestion. Since it is still in beta, some features might not work correctly or aren’t implemented yet. If you find any bugs or if you have any suggestions, please post your suggestion on the forums or in the discord.


    You start in an area with a big gate in front of you: this gate will lead you into the cave with the various dungeons. Each dungeon has its own theme: i.e. there is a dungeon that only contains zombies, another arena that contains spiders and another one that contains guardians. each dungeon will have their own reward: from rotten flesh to golden apples or from leather to diamonds! You unlock new dungeons the further you get in the game: after you've completed dungeon 1, you will unlock dungeon 2, etc. Outside the gate there are various types of building, each with different minishops. So are there merchants selling stuff that has to do with enchantments, brewing, storage, smelting, forging and more!

    Please note that the arenas shouldn’t be completed the first time you play it. What we mean with that is that it can take an hour or more to complete an arena. We won't chance the difficulty of the arenas (except if it is unfair or if it causes any sort of glitches for the players).

    Each arena is built up the same way as every other arena. It contains 10 waves where 8 waves are normal waves, 1 wave is a swarm wave and 1 wave is a boss wave. After you die or complete the arena, all items that you started with + the items you earned during your session will be given back to you. If your sword breaks while you are in an arena, do not worry! Since this item will be given back to you if you leave the arena (/ma leave). The following waves are:

    - Normal waves: These waves are the easiest, it mainly contains a few mobs here and there and will increase the higher your wave is.

    - Swarm waves (wave 5): Those waves contain a ton of small mobs that have half a heart of health left. You can punch all of those mobs to death with your bare hands. Please us this, as this saves you durability on your weapons, as weapons are limited (meaning they will break one day). You can craft unlimited swords and gear to replace your broken tools so you don’t have to kill bosses with your hands because your sword broke.

    - Boss waves (wave 10): Those waves contain most of the time only 1 mob that has an enormous amount of health, as well as special abilities. Some mobs can launch you far away or strike lightning on you, while other bosses turn your view around to make you pissed and maybe even blame the anti-cheat for it. Every boss-killer gets rewarded with a big amount of battlescore, various between the arenas. Some bosses turn your view around or makes you stuck in place. This is not the anti-cheat that is causing it, it is the special ability of the boss!


    Players will obtain levels by killing mobs in the arenas or in world. Each mob will grant the player with battle-experience. After collecting enough experience, the player will level up. Every 10 levels you will rank up (0-9, 10-19, 20-29, etc). Currently, we only allow players to level up to level 60, which will take approx. 1 million zombie kills. The first 10 levels won’t be hard to reach, but after that the real challenge will begin.

    Every level will reward the player with a key. It can be opened by typing /cc or through the menu. A full guide on how to play will be at the bottom of this page, if you are struggling with some stuff. You can also reach out to our staff team if you have any questions There are 6 different crates, each has their own rank. Reaching level 1-9 will reward you with a Starter Key, level 10-19 a Rookie key, etc. The crates contain simple items that gets better along the way: The first crate containing basic materials such as stone and wood, where the last crate containing notch apples and diamond armour.

    Increasing your battlelevel will also allow you to use certain items such as powerful swords or armour that will be very helpful to beat bosses. Those special items can be obtained by crafting, trading or by slaying bosses.


    After reaching battlelevel 5, you unlock the “Town”. Here you can find shopkeepers who are willing to trade special items in for materials you’ve collected on your way here. Some shopkeepers trade special potions for a stack of bones, where other shopkeepers sell bread that gives you absorption for a minute for a few gold blocks! If you travel away from the town, you will stumble upon a few buildings here and there, each with their own purpose. There will be a fishing pond in the area where you can fish special items such as swords, gear or materials. More buildings will be added in the near future for players to explorer. Stay tuned!


    Apart from the Mini-Dungeons, we will also offer some bigger, puzzle-related, maps. You unlock those areas by reaching specific levels. You unlock “world 1” after reaching battlelevel 10 and “world 2” after reaching level 20 and so on. At the moment, the only world that is playable is the desert temple, also known as “Crumbling Catacombs”, unlocked at level 20. For now, it only contains a maze with treasure chests hidden around the area for players to loot! But watch out for the golems that defend the area and don't get killed! Golems (customized zombies) have a small chance of dropping their outfit. Almost every outfit has their own special ability or a set-bonus. Set-bonuses activate after wearing all the 4 required pieces. Every world will contain a few rooms that take some time to complete. At the end of the dungeon, there will wait a difficult boss on you. Upon killing, it will drop special rewards for the players to pick up! Suit yourself with the best items you can get and reach the last dungeon!

    Frontier hall:

    Currently, the Frontier Hall is in maintenance and only contains leaderboards. It will open later this year. The frontier Hall will be a competitive gamemode where players have to reach the highest wave of all the other players. All players get the same items to make it fair and balanced. The player(s) who reached the highest wave, will be rewarded with limited prizes. Every 10 waves there will be a be a boss-wave. When killed, it will reward the players with a few “Tokens”. Tokens can be spent on the shop on the right side of the hall. Players will be able to buy items such as XP-boosters, gear and crate keys for their hard-worked tokens.

    Support the server:

    If you would like to help out the server, you can donate at https://aamc.dk/store. We do not offer any Pay2Win related items. We do sell XP-boosters, but upon purchase, it will activate a Global-Booster. Meaning that all the players that are playing at that very moment, will receive doube XP for x hours! The same goes for crate keys, which will be available any time soon. These crates contain cosmetic items that serve no purpose whatsoever.

    The third thing you can buy are “Icons”, icons are shown behind your battlelevel and can be customized. You unlock icons after ranking up, reaching milestones or by purchasing them off the store for a small price. The icon will be shown above your head, on the scoreboard and when people hover over your name in chat.

    That’s all I have to say for today! If you would like to know more about some features we offer or if you have any questions regarding Dungeons, please contact me on the forums or on Discord: Gummy#6969. You can of course also reach out to the other staff members, but they know less about the gamemode than me, Gummy.

    Please make sure to report any bugs on the forums or on discord! Players who will abuse any game-breaking bugs will be banned!

    Last thing I want to say, before people calling it a trash game, is that this gamemode is currently in beta, not all features may work correctly and some features aren't even in the game yet. We are planning on releasing it this year and hope we can build a stable community together!

    ~ The AAMC Staff team

    To get started, please check out this page: https://autoauxilium.dk/threads/aamc-dungeons-how-to-play.16/
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