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    How to Play

    - Upon joining, type /kit to choose your Starter kit!

    o Swordsman: Deals a lot of damage to mobs, but your defence will start out pretty weak

    o Tanker Kit: You will start out with way better defence than the Swordsman kit, but your attack will be very weak.

    o Swarm-hunter: This is a blessed kit to beat those stinky, frustrating Swarm-waves you will encounter at wave 5. You can light the place around you on fire to burn those weak enemies to the ground.

    o Archer: This kit is very handy to keep mobs on a distance. One thing you must realise is that your supply is limited! After 32 shots, you won’t be able to fire any more arrows and the wooden sword also won’t last that long!

    - After you have chosen your kit, you can start a game by walking through the grand gate in front of you. On your left you will see a small stone gate that will lead you into the arena. Walk in it to get started!

    - After entering the arena, you will see an iron block on the other side of the room. If you click on it, the arena will start. If you want to play with more players, wait for them to enter the gate as well. After all your friends have entered the arena, everyone will have to click the iron block to ready up. After everyone readied up, you will be teleported into the dungeon itself. A few seconds after the game started, the first mobs will spawn, which will contain a few zombies. By killing all of the mobs that spawned that wave, wave 2 will start. This repeats itself until you beat the boss at round 10. The killer will be rewarded with some battlescore to help them level up. All players get rewarded once all the players have died or beaten the boss.

    NOTE: If you enter the arena with a(n almost) full inventory, the items you collect during your run won't be given at the end of your run!

    - To leave the arena, simply type /ma leave. This will reward you with the items you collected during your run.

    - When you reach level 5 and want to visit the town, type /warp (or open the menu by typing /menu and click the eye of ender) and click the zombie villager head at the bottom of the GUI next to the bedrock. To go back to the grand gate, type /warp again and click the red castle on the other side of the bedrock.

    - You can sell materials to the server by typing /sell while holding the item you want to sell. Please note that you can only sell materials and not crafted items. i.e. you won't be able to sell wooden stairs or diamond axes, but you will be able to sell diamonds and wood.

    - You can spend your money in the mini-shops in the buildings across the spawn. every building has its own purpose. The bottle building sells a few items related to brewing and the wizard tower sells items related to enchanting. Every mini-shop contains a tool that lets you enchant, brew, smelt or store items for a 1-time price! You will have to pay 20 coins to unlock a tool (as in brewing stand, anvil or furnace). You can purchase it by clicking the minecart under the tool. This is a one-time only purchase, meaning you won't have to pay for it ever again. To open the tool, click on the item above the minecart.

    - You can also spend your money on the marketplace, where you can sell and buy items from other players! It’s basically the Auction House, but renamed.

    If you have any questions about how to play or about how some features work, please reply to this thread or message us on discord (Gummy#6969 or join the discord: https://discord.autoauxilium.dk )
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