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    -=AutoAuxilium | Network Rules=-


    We have made these Rules that will allow for everyone to have a fun and safe experience on the AutoAuxilium Network. Please note that AAMC reserves the right to remove any* player, at any time, with no reason. This is your guarantee that the server is kept free of players who abuse loopholes in the rules.
    Please note that just because something which is wrong to do is not on the following list does not mean you are allowed to do it.

    *Nobody is protected more or less if they are a donator, we value our community over their money.


    Do not swear in chat, harass or threaten other players. The following can be punishable:
    » Spamming or Excessive caps.
    » Excessive Swearing/Toxicity.
    » Racism or Homophobia.
    » Suicidal Encouragement.
    » Violation of others' privacy.
    » Spam Botting.
    ((We have filtered the chat to take away the the accidental swears. Do not abuse or bypass this filter, for any reason.))

    Do not advertise other servers or your own business here.
    » We respect other servers and naturally, we want the same respect back.
    » Advertising your own business or w/e is not allowed.
    » Participating in marketing or online selling is not allowed.

    Do not Cheat or use Hacked Clients.
    » We want everyone to have the same opportunities, on this server.
    » Combat modifications such as Kill Aura, Reach, AntiKnockback are not allowed.
    » Movement modifications such as Fly, Speed, Bunnyhop are not allowed.
    » Terrain modifications such as Xray, Cavefinder are not allowed.
    » Hacked clients such as LiquidBounce, Vape, Sigma, Hazuni are not allowed.
    » Minimaps are allowed as long as they are not used to blatantly target players.
    » Clients such as Badlion, Labymod, Forge are allowed.

    Do not grief, steal or scam.
    » Note that unclaimed land are free for all.
    » Also note there's a thin line between using land near a player and harassing the player.
    » Real life Scamming is not allowed.
    » Ingame Scamming is not allowed.
    » Building Inappropriate Builds is not allowed.

    Do not build player traps.
    » Player traps in high density areas are a no-go. The policy is less strict the further away you live.

    Do not build to use any kind of AFK Pools to AFK. Play the Game.
    » The amount of possible players online is too low to allow AFKing.
    » Dont bypass the AFK kicker in any way or use automated rejoin scripts.
    » Afk Farms are allowed to be built however you are not allowed to use them while AFKing

    Do not pretend to be server staff.
    » Sure it's nice to have a friendly reminder, once in a while but we have staff for a reason.
    » If a dispute arises, get a server staff to handle the situation, Other outside input may make the situation worse.

    Do not exploit bugs.
    » Exploiting game breaking bugs can result in a ban.
    » Instead report it to staff for an Epic Reward that's unobtainable in other ways.
    » Also out of respect to our dear Friend SpaceBug. Don't Abuse Bugs!

    Respect other players.
    » If you happen to disagree with another player, do it respectfully. We are civilized people.

    Have Fun!
    » Pretty self explanatory, right?
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