AAMC Dungeons

For the last couple of months, the staffteam has been working on a new minigame: Dungeons
This gamemode will replace the RPG survival. But don't worry! Most of the aspects of the RPG smp server will return in Dungeons, such as the leveling system, special items and the enhanced Player vs. Enemy aspects.

(if you wish to not read all of this, please skip to the bottom of the page to get started!)


Dungeons is a mix of the game "Runescape" and an AAMC minigame called "MobArena". Players will be able to select different classes, each with their own items. as example, you can choose the archer kit which will give you 32 arrows, a wooden sword and a bow, or you can choose for the tanker kit which will give you a wooden axe, an iron chestplate and iron boots. Every kit has its own functionality and some kits might be better than the other. More kits will be added in the future.

This gamemode is currently in beta and is open for all kinds of suggestion. Since it is still in beta, some features might not work correctly or aren’t implemented yet. If you find any bugs or if you have any suggestions, please post your suggestion on the forums or in the discord.


You start in an area with a big gate in front of you: this gate will lead you into the cave with the various dungeons. Each dungeon has its own theme: i.e. there is a dungeon that only contains zombies, another arena that contains spiders and another one that contains guardians. each dungeon will have their own reward: from rotten flesh to golden apples or from leather to diamonds! You unlock new dungeons the further you get in the game: after you've completed dungeon 1, you will unlock dungeon 2, etc. Outside the gate there are various types of building, each with different minishops. So are there merchants selling stuff that has to do with enchantments, brewing, storage, smelting, forging and more!...
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We have added a Dynamic Map for our two survival servers, RPG and Vanilla. However due to a popular demand of players not wanting their location exposed on the dynmap, We have implemented a Login feature so you can only see...