Dungeons Reset and Release

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A few months ago, we decided to conduct a revamp on Dungeons to address a few issues there was with the current armour system, as well to add new content that wouldn't have been possible to implement without a server reset. We successfully held a closed beta a few days ago, and after eliminating the remaining bugs that were found thanks to everyone who participated, the server is ready for a season 2!

The Dungeons server has been reset, and everything including battle levels, arena statistics and inventories have been reset to refresh the server and put everyone on a level playing ground.

Get Started
When asking for feedback on how we could improve the dungeons experience, many people said that it was difficult to find your way around the server when first starting off. We've listened and added a tutorial which explains the main the concept of the server, and teaches you how join the first arena! The tutorial instantly starts as soon as you join the server, so all you...

Website Upgrade

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Hello, we’ve gone ahead and upgraded our website software to the latest version.

Although this has resulted in all data for users to reset, the website is now more optimised, and has had a new theme implemented to it. We’ve also added forms for suggestions, reports, applications and appeals to make the forums easier to use, and everything is now located on the forums, in one place, to make everything a lot simpler to manage, for example staff applications are no longer managed under google docs. You will need to create a new forums account, if you had one before, as all data was reset.

Thank you,
- The AAMC Staff Team

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