Hello everyone, There have been several Minecraft updates and we have always decided to keep the servers on 1.12.2 due to issues with outdated plugins, but to compromise, we have allowed players to log in to the network regardless of what client version they might be using. However, a few of our essential plugins have been causing major lag issues lately and flagging these issues to the developers has made us realise that some plugins developers do not provide actual support for 1.12.2 but simply allow for the plugin to work on older versions, meaning that these plugins will not receive new, compatible content. This in combination with the fact that the majority of our player base uses 1.15.2 to join the network, has resulted in the decision to finally update the servers to 1.15.2!

We have started development on Dungeons & Survival and will be starting development on Skyblock later this week. There will be a full reset on Skyblock & Survival, and a partial reset on Dungeons. (Dungeons will become a full release rather than a beta - we will be selecting a handful of players to help test the new version.) The Minigames and Event server will be merging, and we are unsure whether we will be removing the Creative server, or updating it to 1.15.2. Please note that the 1.12.2 servers will still be running in the meantime, but there won't be any content updates added to them. All suggestions will be added to the 1.15.2 servers and we will be taking care of any bug fixes as usual. Keep in mind that our current idea for the network is not fixed, and is subject to change at any time.

There is no release date as of yet for when the updated servers will release. If you have a suggestion for anything we could implement to the servers, please do let us know!

Thank you, and Stay Safe!
- The AAMC Staff Team

TLDR: We will be updating our servers to 1.15.2, this means new content, but will require a lot of management to get everything working again. The 1.12.2 servers will no...
Hey everyone, I apologise for the long maintenance we had to hold due to a few issues we had whilst transferring data to the new host.

Talking about a new host, I am happy to announce that AutoAuxilium is now running on a dedicated hosting which will provide optimum stability and performance for both development and playtime on the network. All of our gamemode servers (Dungeons, Survival, Creative, Skyblock & Minigames) are now equipped with 8 gigabytes of RAM giving us no lag at all on the servers. Since the data was transferred from our old host to the new host manually, we are unsure of anything that may have gone wrong in the process. We have done a quick inspection of the servers and did not encounter any major bugs or issues. If you encounter any issues please contact a staff member immediately.

The network is no longer under maintenance and you can join the network using the same IPs as before; play.autoauxilium.dk & play.aamc.dk.

AAMC Dungeons

For the last couple of months, the staffteam has been working on a new minigame: Dungeons
This gamemode will replace the RPG survival. But don't worry! Most of the aspects of the RPG smp server will return in Dungeons, such as the leveling system, special items and the enhanced Player vs. Enemy aspects.

(if you wish to not read all of this, please skip to the bottom of the page to get started!)


Dungeons is a mix of the game "Runescape" and an AAMC minigame called "MobArena". Players will be able to select different classes, each with their own items. as example, you can choose the archer kit which will give you 32 arrows, a wooden sword and a bow, or you can choose for the tanker kit which will give you a wooden axe, an iron chestplate and iron boots. Every kit has its own functionality and some kits might be better than the other. More kits will be added in the future.

This gamemode is currently in beta and is open for all kinds of suggestion. Since it is still in beta, some features might not work correctly or aren’t implemented yet. If you find any bugs or if you have any suggestions, please post your suggestion on the forums or in the discord.


You start in an area with a big gate in front of you: this gate will lead you into the cave with the various dungeons. Each dungeon has its own theme: i.e. there is a dungeon that only contains zombies, another arena that contains spiders and another one that contains guardians. each dungeon will have their own reward: from rotten flesh to golden apples or from leather to diamonds! You unlock new dungeons the further you get in the game: after you've completed dungeon 1, you will unlock dungeon 2, etc. Outside the gate there are various types of building, each with different minishops. So are there merchants selling stuff that has to do with enchantments, brewing, storage, smelting, forging and more!...
AutoAuxilium is a high quality server filled with supportive and active staff members, a high caliber plugin setup, and a wide variety of gamemodes to play on, all of which are full access to players without the necessity of purchasable add-ons or ranks. The amount of time, effort and care taken into molding this network into what is it is honestly astonishing and it is definitely worth giving a try! The experience you will have on this server is parallel to few, and I definitely recommend seeing if this server would be a right fit for you, because you will be hard pressed to find one better!
You can join our server using play.autoauxilium.dk or play.aamc.dk

We currently offer the following gamemodes:
- Dungeons
- Survival
- Creative
- Skyblock
- Minigames
- Event Servers

The AutoAuxilium Network has rules for everyone to follow to ensure there is a safe environment for all ages. Please note that just because something which is wrong to do is not on the following list does not mean you are allowed to do it.
Rules » https://autoauxilium.dk/rules
Feel free to join our discord server to chat and play with other members! The change-log and such can be viewed on our discord so you can keep up with our progress on the Network. You can also create tickets on our discord if you need support, help or just want to ask a question to a staff member.
Discord » https://discord.autoauxilium.dk

By donating to our server you help us maintain and upgrade our server, while getting rewarded with awesome in-game things. We appreciate that you consider to donate to our server. But please, do think...